Korean Air celebrates anniversary with new livery

As the matter of the fact, Korean Air celebrates anniversary with new livery that should be considered to be the important and the significant news that have been taking place in the airline industry. It has potential to influence the airline mechanism along with making it beneficial for the tourists and the travelers who may seek out the services of this airline. According to the news brokered by the airline of the Korean Air, it has been said that the 10 of its total planes would be able to displace the unique emblem for the purpose of celebrating the 50th anniversary of the company. Furthermore, it was said by the company in the shape of the Korean Air that it would highly likely to operate the 10 aircraft associated with the help of the livery with names being Airbus A380-800 and the most importantly, Airbus A220-300.

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As the matter of the fact, the anniversary-themed aircraft would turn out to be added with the wide range of the world networks of the airline company in the form of the Korean air that is considered to be the important player of the airline industry of the world. Not only this, this would also ensure the operation of the domestic routes with the hope of celebrating the 50th anniversary of the company that would be marked on the date of the 1st march of the year of the 2019. On the other hand, it has been said to be the fact that the emblem together with the slogan would be highly likely to be placed on the one aspect and the part of the place of the company until the completion of the year that is the 2019.


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