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Mombasa is amongst the top cities of Kenya known to provide the travelers with an amazing vacation. The city is one of the most visited cities of Africa and home to a vast number beaches, rivers, museums, parks, and wildlife sanctuaries. Mombasa provides the visitors with a pure and rich experience of the African culture and traditions. We at TravelWideFlights will take you through some of the best sights of the city that are considered as a must visit in Mombasa. Following are the top tourist attraction in the Kenyan city.

1. Diani Beach
The Diani Beach is an amazing white sand beach located on Kenya’s coastline with the Indian Ocean. The beach is amongst the top destinations in the city known to provide the guests with an exotic and relaxing experience. The clear waters of the beach are the prime reason for its popularity and attract a massive number of people from all over the country. Furthermore, the palm trees and the beautiful resorts of the beach are a pure delight.

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2. Shimba Hills National Reserve
Situated in the coastal province of Kenya, the Shimba Hills National Reserve is the city’s popular reserve known for its beautiful woodlands, green lands, and coastal rain forests. The reserve is also one of the largest East African Natural Reserves. The reserve is also famous for the lush green vegetation, steep valleys, and sharp slopes. The rare sable antelope and other such rare birds are seen in the region and add up to the glory of Shimba Hills National Reserve.

3. The Mamba Village.
Situated in the region of Nyali region of Mombasa lies the amazing Mamba Village featuring some of the most dangerous and fearsome predators of the world. The Village exhibits the largest crocodile farms in East Africa. The crocodiles and other such reptiles are considered to be the pride of the village and the visitors to the village can witness the hatchlings of the crocodile to the dangerous adult ones. The village is also home to the 100-year-old crocodile.

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