Ethiopia crash: UK becomes latest country to suspend Boeing 737 MAX aircraft

As the matter of the fact, the Ethiopia crash, UK becomes latest country to suspend Boing 737 MAX aircraft that marks this being the significant development in the airline industry in the best possible manner. This step and development took place owing to the Donald Trump, the President of the United States of the America, who had managed to order the barring of the jets from the airspace of the US. This is done by him subsequently, other many nations of the world issues the ban on the aircraft and the airline. It has been said that the UK has turned out to become the nation that has been able to ban the aircraft in the shape of the Boeing 737 Max 8 from being able to get itself engage in the activity of the flying towards or out of the airports after the crash of the Ethiopia that had potential to bring anxiety and confusion for the airlines of the world operating in the different parts of the world.

Ethiopia crash, Ethiopia crash: UK becomes latest country to suspend Boeing 737 MAX aircraft

As the matter of the fact, it has been said to be the fact that the countries in the form of the Indonesia, China, Mexico and the most importantly, the South Africa has been able to suspend the flights drive and operated on the part of the similar plane on the Monday. According to the spokesperson of the airline, it was revealed to be the fact that the customer who have to fly home on the aircraft 737 MAX 8 would be able to have the opportunity to fly back with the help of the another aircraft. The best part is when the company ensures that the safety and precautionary measures for the customers would be highly likely to be the top priority of the company.


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