Epic Road Trips Across Russia

A country as diverse and gigantic as Russia entices a traveler to explore and get on to a road trip. On this unique trip, you will indulge yourself in the rich Russian culture visiting old cathedrals, ancient cities, and historic towns. The massive land of Russia is composed of vast plains, ancient mountains, lakes, and steppes. This country is an ideal place for “Roadrunner,” so you need to pack your bags to explore this pleasant land. While going out for adventure carry sufficient fuel and regularly change the filters. It is recommended to take an automotive tool kit with you and carefully budget yourself on the gas mileage of your car.

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Driving across Lake Baikal:
Driving on Lake Baikal is a bold idea especially in the middle of a cold winter. The waters of the lake are driveable when completely frozen, giving a surreal experience when crossing the lake by truck. During summers the bright blue look of the lake provides a mesmerizing view. This lake is the world’s oldest lake formed about 30 million years ago and also the seventh largest lake in the world regarding the surface area. Researched declared that this lake hosts more than 1000 species of plants and 2500 species of animals.

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The Chuysky Trakt:
This road of 1000 kilometers bends towards the Mongolian border into the Altai Republic through Siberia. It connects Europe to Asia through Russia via plenty of paths. It marks a memorable journey through breathtaking views of snowcapped mountains and sleepy mountains with vast open plains. The trip along the ChuyskyTrakt starts in Novosibirsk where you can reach by train from St. Petersburg or via plane. From there the journey commences on the M-52 Highway. Thousand of traders from Siberia, Asia, and all over Russia visit here.

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The Republic of Adygea:
The Republic of Adygea is situated at the foothills of the Caucasus Mountains while the southern part of the area is covered with mountains and the northern end consists of plains. The highest mountain peaks are Fisht, 2868 meters and Chugush with a height of 3238 meters. The climate is warm with temperatures in July rising to 28 degrees Celsius, and in January the average temperature is -2 degrees Celsius. Its name is also included in the list of UNESCO Heritage. This region is abundant in alpine meadows, waterfalls, gorges, forests, rivers, caves and canyons.

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Moscow to the Golden Ring:
Another mesmerizing and breathtaking road trip that will require a month out of your life is the lovely towns that form the Golden Ring. These clusters of villages include Vladimir, Suzdal, and SergievPosad. Vladimir is an old capital of middle ages; SergievPosad is a religious pilgrimage place since the 14th century and Suzdal-best for sleeping options. The golden ring of Russia is the popular tourist route made during the Soviet era with the intention of drawing a maximum number of tourists traveling to Russia. Today it is a renowned route for both domestic tourists and foreign tourists.Travel Wide Flights providing you the Cheapest Flights to Moscow Russia.


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