British Airways Will Suspend London Tehran Service In September

According to the press released by the higher authorities of the British Airways, the company would suspend its services from London to Tehran in the month of September. The reason being told is that the operation of the British Airways has not been commercially workable.
This development took place on Thursday after the American President Trump announced the withdrawal of the American from the historical nuclear deal which was brokered between the country of Iran and Global powers. He went on to refocus his aim on throwing sanctions on the Muslim country of Iran.
As per the statistics of the British Airways, the last flight of the company from the spot of London to the destination of Tehran would take place on 22 of September along with the return flight on the day after that.

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On the other hand, Air France made the words it’s clear that it would also suspend flights by the following months and so.
Britain was one of the countries of the global powers which part to the nuclear deal between the USA and Iran in the year of 2015.
As the matter of the fact, many of the European Nations along with the Britain have earlier uttered that they seeks to safeguard the commercial firms and organizations which remain operational in the country of Iran after the nuclear deal, but majority of the countries stopped helping the companies operating in the war-torn countries once the decision of the Trump came in the month of May.


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