British Airways Cancelling Nearly All Flights After Pilot Strike Enter 2nd Day

The British Airways cancelling nearly all flights after pilot strike enter 2nd day has been considered to be quite unparalleled news and developing that took place in the airline industry that has the unmatchable and the unique stake across the globe in the best possible manner. It has been said to be the fact that this is known to be the historical strike that is undertaken on the part of the pilots belonging to the British Airways which got into its 2nd day. Worryingly, it results in the utmost level of the travel and the flights disturbances along with exacerbating dispute between the airline and the pilots over the quintessential element and component of the pilot’s pay. As the matter of the fact, the British Airways has been able to ensure the cancellation of the flights for consecutive 2nd day as unveiled by the statement issues by the carrier to the greatest possible extent. According to the significant and important facts and figures revealed, it is mentioned that the company ended up cancelling around 850 daily flights that have the potential to influence the travel plans of the passengers that are amounted to around 0.1 million. On the other hand, despite the losses and the irregularity and the disturbances confront by the airline as the whole, the trade union belonging to the pilot remained determined and persistence in their respective demands that is in the form of the financial and the non-financial benefits including the salaries.

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What seems to be the noticeable news that poured into the news market that this nature of the industrial actions and the step by the pilots has been the first and foremost since the 100-year long history of the British airways catering the millions of the travelers and the passengers with the help of the greater and client-friendly services in the best possible manner. For the facilitation and ease of the passengers and the clients, it is said that the British Airways provided the maximum amount of refunding along with the booking of the passengers on the alternative or the other dates associated with the flights driven by the distinctive airlines. This strike and the walkout over the issue of the salary or the pay are the result of the failed negotiations and the talks of the BALPA with the British airlines. Since there is no sign of the scheduled talks, the pilot’s body or the trade unions would be engaging in the staging or the demonstrations of yet one more one-day strike in the date of the 27th September 2019 to the greatest and highly effective manner. As per the statement goes, the top authority or official of the trade union said that the pilots have been able to remain firm over their demands which manifest their effective and unshakable resolution and the unity within the group. Many argue that the next couple of days will unfold greater level of clarity over the issue.


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