Visit the Top Destinations of the African Continent

The continent of Africa is home to such an enormous amount of diversity that people from all around the world are flocking to visit the land the top destinations that are known to promise an excellent journey for its visitors. We at TravelWideFlights have bunched up a list top African destinations that are known to provide a true African experience with their wildlife safaris, jungle vista’s, and inspirational museums. The artifacts and handcrafts at the museums and institutes of the continent are quite sacred and date back several centuries. The top African destinations are as follows:

1. Kenya
Kenya is an African country present on the coastline with the Indian Ocean. It is located on the Eastern part of the continent. The travelers visiting the country can expect a massive adventure and a brilliant journey. The country has a wide range of tourist attractions including mountain highlands, beaches, and a rift valley which is quite attractive. Nairobi is the Capital city and is home to a beautiful safari which includes a variety of wildlife consisting of Lions, Rhinos, and Elephants etc. The City projects the African culture and traditions in a very interesting manner. Hence, economical flight deals to Kenya are offered by our organization. The Maasai Mara Game Reserve provides the visitors with an activity that enables them to experience the hand on adventure and thrill. It gives the guests a chance to see the Wildebeest migration from the month of July to September.

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2. Rwanda
The state of Rwanda is considered as an East African heaven known for its amazing variety of landscapes and sceneries providing the visitors with a sublime experience of the East African culture, topography, and other natural attractions. The green and forested mountains of the city are a pure delight, offering the tourists with massive scope for exploration through the hiking trails and camping spots of the region. The famous Volcanos National Park is the country’s go-to destination for the purpose of witnessing the renowned mountains gorillas and the unique golden monkeys. Furthermore, the park is also known to encompass the tall Mount Karisimbi and a list of four other forested volcanos.


3. Mozambique
Mozambique is considered amongst the most visited countries of Africa due to its vast scope for relaxation and enjoyment at some of Africa’s most charming and attractive beaches of all time. The nation is situated in the southern African region with a coastline with the Indian Ocean known to offer the guests with a plethora of beaches and resorts providing the visitors with an extraordinary experience. The Tofo Beach is the country’s best destination offering an array of manta rays and coral reefs. Furthermore, the country also covers a range of marine parks offering vivacious activities in the sea and lakes. The Lake Malawai is a prime destination featuring such marine parks and in addition, the place also offers a popular aquarium, adventurous safaris with sailing and snorkeling opportunities.


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