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Australia is an amazing and wonderful island destination in the continent of Oceania. The Aussie Land is famous for its exotic beaches and sprawling streets with glorious sights and attractions. The inland cities are known to encompass some of the region most attractive parks with exciting species including the all famous Aussie Kangaroos. The country offers its visitors with Aquatic and Coastal experiences, scrumptious Australian food and wine, unique wildlife animals, and a plethora of holiday itineraries. The National Animal of Australia is the Kangaroo. The Aussies have an abundant number of Parks and Zoos where the Kangaroos are found in excess. Moreover, other animals such as the Koala, the Australian Dingo, the Tasmanian Devil, the Wombat, Quoll, and Green tree frog are also quite popular in the country. The overall climate in the country is moderate and charming. The tourism destinations are visited by a mammoth number of guests throughout the whole year. Following are the best Aussie Land destinations.

1. Canberra
The city of Canberra is the capital of Australia and a tremendously beautiful destination. considered as the 8th largest city in the country. Situated in the Northern part of Australia, the city is home to a wide range of beautiful and stunning tourist destinations. The national monuments and institutions of the city are some of the most inspirational ones in the entire continent. The popular Artistic institutions around the city include the National Gallery of Australia, The National Museum of Australia, the National Portrait Gallery, and the Australian War Memorial. Another popular destination is the National Dinosaur Museum displaying some of the most amazing pre-historic specimen of the Gold Creek Village near to the city. The museum gives the visitors a good knowledge of evolution with an emphasis on the historic aspect associated with dinosaurs. To visit the beautiful city, the clients can book the cheapest flight tickets to Canberra with us.


2. Hobart
Hobart is one of the famous Australian cities featuring beautiful Parks and Zoos with amazing naturalistic exposure. The Tolosa Park, Zoodoo Wildlife Park, Waverly Flora Park, and the Springs Wellington Park are the most famous and eagerly visited parks in the city. The city of Hobart is your prime tourist destination as it will give you a lifetime experience. Therefore, we will provide our clients with cheapest flight deals to Hobart.Moreover, the city has several exotic beaches to visit for the purpose of enjoyment and relaxation including Nutgrove Beach, Bellerive Beach, Short Beach, and Hinsby Beach.


3. Perth
Perth is one of Australia’s most innovated destinations with an attractive blend of modern as well as traditional infrastructure. The top sights in the city include the Kings Park, the Swan Valley, the Perth zoo, and the Yanchep National Park.The sights are visited by a large number of visitors throughout the year. The Aquarium of Western Australia is another major tourist destination in the city offering its guests with an overwhelming marine life exposure. The Aquarium is said to be the largest in the country and it has the largest underwater walk-through tunnel. TravelWideFlights is offering cheap flight deals to Perth with proper guidance and assistance on your travel plans.


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