Peru is a South American country which is very much eminent because of having beautiful landscapes, rainforests, high mountains, lush green valleys and blue waters. But most important of it, is its history that is shown and depicted by almost each and every visitation of it. Peru is very much substantial in its history and that is the reason that majority of its tourists attractions are in association to old temples, monuments, palaces, churches and buildings. The country’s visitation is a full package enjoyment as it endeavors you the best it has. You can have a bunch of material and things to do in here. While you are staying in Peru and planning to hang out with your kids and your family, and you are pondering that what are the best places that you can visit during your trip. Here is an over look on the places where you can go along with your family to make your trip a memorable one.

Peru attractions

First, comes, the Cusco Cathedral that is a cathedral with many paintings. The construction of this church was completed in 1654 almost a hundred year after the beginning of its construction. Cusco Cathedral is also known as Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption of the Virgin. This church is considered as the mother church of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Cusco. Located adjacent to the Cusco Cathedral, there is a Christian church that was the first church to be built in Cusco. The beauty and unique architecture of this church grabs the attention of its visitors. The cathedral’s architecture styling is based on the Gothic- Renaissance styling that reflects the Spanish culture. Besides of being a Holy and a sacred place for the worshipers of Christianity, the place is also very much notorious for its mesmerizing colonial art that surely depicts the culture, history and norms of the Cusco city. The church has an honor to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was referred as a UNESCO world Heritage Site in 1983. The city authorities had incorporated some of the religious symbolism for the cathedral such as the carved head of a Jaguar that is considered an important religious god that was found widely through much of primeval Peru.
Then come, the Machu Picchu that is referred as an Inca citadel along with the temple of the sun. Machu Picchu is located on a peak of a mountain that is 2430 meters high from the sea level. The words Machu Picchu have been originated from Quechua language in which Machu means old and Picchu means Peak or height so the words Machu Picchu means the “old peak”. The citadel is situated in the Urubamba province of Peru. Majority of the archeologists believes that the place was built as an estate for the Inca Emperor and is considered as the most familiar sign of the Inca civilization. The architecture of the building is in accordance to the Inca style. It is made up of polished dry stone walls having three primary structures called Inti Watana, temple of the Sun and Room of the Three Windows. The building of Machu Picchu was constructed around 1450 but was abandoned a century later at the time of Spanish Conquest. As the building is too feeble so it was decided by the authorities in government to reconstruct and renovate it so that it will give a better look and tourists will have a much clear idea that how the place was originally look alike. Machu Picchu was declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in1983 for its marvel structure and architecture. It was also nominate as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World in a worldwide internet poll.
Huayna Picchu is situated at the north of Inca city located in Cusco region. Huayna is a giant mountain in Inca around which the great Urubamba River flows. The mountain is also called as Wayna Picchu. In Quechua language the word Wayna means the young man whereas the Picchu means “mountains” or a hill with sharp peak and thick broad base. The height of the mountain is 8920 feet. Huayna Picchu is located nearly to Machu Picchu that is another great mountain. Both the hills are considered as the landmark of the Inca city and also for the country. As I mentioned before that the Peru is a religious based country and the natives are strong worshipers of their gods so a huge number of temples can be seen throughout the Peru. The temple of the Moon is one of these temples. The Temple of the Moon that is placed among the three major temples in the Machu Picchu region is located at one side of Huayna Picchu. Along with this temple is present that is also places among the magnificent temples having the finest architecture and structure.
The beauty of the nature is something you cannot leave without admiring it. A cluster of tourist came to Peru to admire and praise this beauty which has a majestic effect on the viewers. Lake Titicaca is an example of such glory. Peru is beautified with that kind of mesmerizing places so has a lot of tourist to attend. Lake Titicaca is referred as the largest lake in South America that is standing between the border of Peru and Bolivia in the Andes Mountain. The lake is the highest navigable lake in the world having a surface elevation of 3,812 meters. Lake Titicaca is also a rushed mean commercial craft. Five main rivers (Coata, Ilave, Ramis, Huancane and Suchez) are dropped off into the Lake Titicaca whereas more than 20 small streams are also feed on the lake. The lake has 41 islands many of which has their habitat and are thickly populated. The lake is said to be as the birth place of Incas. It means that the Andean beliefs that it is the place where the sun was born. The very blue skies at the above and the very bright, shimmery water sparklingly in the light of sun at the bottom will compel you to love it at the very first sight. Places like Tiwanaku, Pre- Inc Pukara and Collas are worth mentioning while on a tour to Lake Titicaca as there are a must see visitations. Amalgamation of crumbling churches, Altiplano, fields and cultivations around the lake makes this place a more than a lake. Crops are still cultivated and harvested over here by hands. Nearby the Lake Titicaca, Titicaca National Reservation is there that has a huge collection of an amazing and rare marine wildlife like giant frogs and Titicaca grebe. The lake itself is a kernel for more than 530 species of aquatic plants and animals. The lake was designated as a Ramsar site on August 26, 1998 and till now, is very eminent among the locals as well as international viewers.
Belmond Hotel Monasterio is a great hotel in Cusco city, Peru. This monastery is very old, dated back since 1592. The hotel endeavors the best services, huge accommodations, a luxurious colonial style living and lavish stay that makes your trip superb. The place can be said as the example of grace, elegance and glory. Its rooms are perfect to be checked- in as it has the all kind of facilities you want during your stay. The rooms are equipped with TV, Wifi, Telephone, Cable and an IPod docking station. People suffering from breathe related issues now will not face any trouble as the hotel has also oxygen enriched rooms. Leisure activities over here will not get you bored. These activities include horse riding, mountain biking and the trek to the great Machu Picchu. After your hectic day, massages are offered to the guests. The food here will not make you disappoint as the food is in its bet form in this hotel. Dining has some very good options like Illariy and Tupay restaurants that provide the very divine Andine cuisines and breakfasts. Along with this tasty food, finest wines are served in the lobby and can be ordered in the rooms. The food is served in the buffet style and snacks can also be ordered. Kids club and evening entertainment are the full source of fun. Special hosting is always admired by the visitors as the guests are welcomed with coca tea and fresh juicy fruit. You can reach to the Belmond hotel from Poray Train Station as it is situated at about a 20 minutes drives farther. Beauty salon, gift shops and other shops are at the way of the hotel. You can check- in the hotel from 15: 00 hours and can check- out until 11: 00 hours.
Parquet de Las Leyendas is a traditional zoo in Lima, Peru. The zoo is situated at the central Peruvian coast called the Archeologists Complex of Maranga. If I can define this place as an amalgamation of ecology, Archeology, relaxation and education, then it would not be wrong. The Leyendas is not just a zoo, but more than it. Wandering through the zoo, you should visit some site along the Leyendas that belonged to the history like temples, burial grounds and museums. Different museums over here are specified for different branches. For example the Museo Ernst W. Middendorf that displays the mummies and statues that were found in the numerous religious and ceremonial centers, The Museo Petroleo that has the very informative educational exihibit that displayed the study, exploration, exploitation and transformation of the crude oil and derivatives of it and last but not the least, the Museo Celestino Kalinosky that is the most beautiful as it has the butterflies exhibitions. These exhibitions and displaying are enjoyable as well as informative so during your stay in Peru you should take your children to the Parquet de las Leyendas.
JW Marriott El Convento Cusco is a five- star luxurious hotel. This 5- star hotel is situated in Cusco city. In Marriott El Convento an extraordinary fun, luxury and excitement is waiting for you to experience. Classy Inca Wall rooms, ,Classic Inca rooms with 1 king or double and family rooms are present in accordance to the size of the family or people. The hotel is placed among the 10 top hotels of South America by Conde Nast Traveler Readers choice Awards held in 2015. The building of this magnificent hotel consists of 153 rooms with a mind blowing service, all what you want. Amenities like sumptuous marble made bathrooms and plush lush bedding are an addition to this beautified luxury. The impressive interiors, antique bricks in the walls, furniture designed with great elegancy and vaulted ceilings makes the rooms and inside of this hotel more eye- catching. A charming colonial courtyard along with a sculpted stone arch, massage rooms, gift shops and free WiFi are some of the other faculties. Daily tours of the city are offered by the hotel authorities so that you will not have boredom while staying in the hotel. Two exhibition halls depict the story about the history and primeval times of Cusco and Peru. Pirqa restaurant and Qespi Bar are the must see visitations if you want you fill your mouth with a most gusto food. These restaurants, bars and coffee shops will give you the finest dining experiences. All along with these remarkable enjoyments and services, the hotel will give you the bestest view of the city so that you can explore and praise the beauty of this region. These sighing also include the marvellous view of Machu Picchu; the most notorious and notable peak in Peru. A perfect match of history and modernity can be found at the JW Marriott Convento Cusco.
In the last, there comes the Taquile Island. As I said above, the Lake Titicaca has more than 41 islands with full of life and dense population. So this island; the Taquile island is one of these islands situated on the Lake Titicaca. It has stretched over an area of about 5.72-kilo meter squares and has 2,200 people living on it. The natives of Taquile Island are known as Taquilenos and the language they speak is Quencha. If you are planning to be there in Taquile then you should have a language guide book so that you can communicate with the locals with ease as most of them do not know any other language other than Quencha. In 2005 the island was referred as the “Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its unique and different culture and norms. Fine hand woven textiles and clothing are the points of knowing of the Taquilenos and their markings are regarded as the highest quality products in the whole country. The place is sure to be visited because of its unique customs and you will gain a well-amounted knowledge about the history and culture after returning to this beautiful island.

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