The city of Accra is known and visited for its substantial and marvel art, culture and customs. A number of National events are celebrated by the natives that bestow an exuberant amusement and joy to the people attending the event. These national festivals are also rollick in order to promote the cultural legacy and to promote their traditional values. Emirates Flights to Accra are best to opt for the very purpose as the comfort and ease they endeavor to their customers is endless.

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HOMOWO festival can be refereed as the most divine festival as it pertains to the food family. Homowo means hooting in hunger”. The festival is celebrated with great zest and glee in the traditional Accra areas where the rituals are performed to their high such as the sprinkling of “KPOKPOI” which is the festival’s emperor dish served to gods and ancestors of the present. The gesture is done so in order to bring spiritual protection, precession of twins through the principal streets, traditional drumming, dancing and general merry making

KPLEDJOO festival is held in the months of March and April at the Tema place. This annual festival is commemorating to facilitate the recovery of the Sakumo Lagoon for bumper harvest. Before the festival take place, there is a ban on fishing and trapping of crabs in the lagoon for a time period of Five months. The celebration begins when the chief priest or priestess of the Sakuma lagoon performs some traditional rituals at the shore of the lagoon before the general public get into it. The festivals give a sense of grand joy to the people and the tourists too enjoy the unique doings held over the place.

NGMAYEM festival is the celebration of festival that held in the month of March in Accra. The festival is quite old in its origination as it has been celebrating since 1944 to acknowledge the foster tribal unity. Also it celebrates the need of a famine that occurred hundreds of years ago. Traditional meals are served on the very day and specific rituals pertaining to the very day are performed. This week of relish and cherish include blessings, cleansing ceremonies, thanksgiving services, visitations of royal toms and commemoration of ancestors’ valor. People dressed in colorful costumes added further shades to the event.

DZOHAYEM festival is momoralize in the prestige and love of the locals’ ancestors. This colorful and full of live event rollicks the descent of the ancestors from the Osuyem Hill.

ASAFOTUFIAM festival is the celebration of July and August. The festival is celebrated by the locals in the area of Ada, Accra. The celebration is totally associated to appreciate the sacrifices, valor and victories of the warriors and fighters that fight for the freedom of their lives in the past battles. People are seen in the traditional gear and stage mock battles. The festival usher in the season of Harvest and its purpose is not only to celebrate the valor they have but also to introduce the young ones about the lifestyle of a true warrior. The day is full of fun, dancing, beach parties, boat races and river excursions.

DIPO festival can be called as the festival for young girls. In this celebration, young girls are adorned in beautiful beads and half clothed. The festival is celebrated to initiates these girls into womanhood.

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