Hurricane Michael Forecast

What has been the horrific event took place around the Florida Panhandle was the Hurricane Michael on Wednesday. It was near the Mexico beach when it witnessed the unprecedented level of crashing of the ashore along with the extreme level of the category 4 hurricane throwing the winds estimated to be 155 mph.

As the matter of the fact, it has been said by the National Hurricane Center that the Michael was the ‘potentially catastrophic’ which was certainly the bad storm witnessed by the Panhandle in its history. It has been forecasted that the Michael has potential to cause the wide spread damage for the people driven by its life-targeting winds.
Homes destroyed by Hurricane Michael in Mexico Beach, Florida

Once the damage by the Hurricane Michael caused the huge destruction in the Florida Panhandle on the very day of Wednesday, the people were forced to leave the area that ultimately leave the coastal town as the post-apocalyptic, whose view was pictured by the NOAA.
As the matter of the fact, it has been observed by the environmental experts that Michael has been the 3rd largest hurricane that is witnessed by the country of United States of America.

According to the sources of the government of Florida, it has been said that they have been working and attempting to make people get to their respective homes as soon as possible. It is highly instructed to the people that they need to keep a check the personal stuff and belongings prior to the process of the recovery thing. For that, locals are told to follow the guidelines of the local officials of the government who come to rescue them and help them land at their places.

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