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Dominica is a wonderful island nation situated in the Caribbean. The topography of the country is generally mountainous with a range of spontaneous hot springs and extensive rain forests. Although, the country does not provide the visitors with exotic beaches and pool parties but the natural beauty of the island is unparalleled. Dominica is nick-named as the Nature Island of the Caribbean and offers the tourists with vast scope for exploration and amusement. The island nation attracts a large number of explorers and eco-adventurers with its Champagne Reefs, Boiling Lakes, and Sulfurous Hot Springs. The island also has an amazing rain-forest shrouded volcano known to offer some breath-taking scenes.

1. Portsmouth Parks and Trails

Portsmouth is an amazing Dominican city situated along the north coast of the Dominican island. The city is famous for its amazing palm-dotted shores along the Prince Rupert Bay of the city. Portsmouth is home to the Cabrits National Park featuring the renowned Fort Shirley built by the British colonialists in the 18th century. The park is also known for marking the end of the Waitukubuli National Trail. The trail is known to span the entire length of the Dominica island. Portsmouth is also known to encompass some of the most beautiful reefs and ridges. The Toucari Caves is an exceptional destination for witnessing the coral formations and is also home to an extensive number of lobsters and turtles.

Portsmouth Parks and Trails

2. The City of Roseau
The city of Roseau is a remarkable tourist destination and the capital of the island nation. The city is known for its exceptional Creole architecture dating back to the 18th century. The city is visited by a large number of individualists and adventure seekers from all over the region in search of amusement and exploration. The city is considered to be amongst the most heavily visited cities of the region.


3. Cobble Stone Market
The cobblestone Old Market situated in the heart of the Dominica was previously a slave auction site and recently, the market is known as important economic hub and providing the locals and foreigners with a range of crafts and fruits. Cobble stone is visited by a plethora of visitors throughout the year with its exceptional varieties.

stone market

4. Museums and Cultural Centers
The Dominica Museum is quite special as it showcases some of the most historic and ancient antiquities associated with the nation’s culture and past. Furthermore, the city is home to some of the most beautiful Botanic Gardens housing the native Sisserou parrots and the tropical flora. The Old Mill Cultural Centre is another important destination exhibiting the culture of the region. Other prominent destinations of Roseau include the Woodbridge bay, Wacky rollers, and the Morne Bruce Cross.

Museums and Cultural Centers

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