British Airways to return to Islamabad for first time in a decade

According to the international significant news related to the airline industry, it has been mentioned that the British Airways to return to Islamabad for first time in a decade that must be considered to be the massive and important development for the international airline in the shape of the British Airways. Yesterday, the British Airways has disclosed its announcement that the carrier and its flights would be flied from the destination of the Heathrow to the travel destination to the city named Islamabad. As the matter of the fact, the city of Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan and the flight would take place by the 2nd June of the upcoming year of 2019. One of the important things about this airline development is the fact that this would be the first time the British Airways flights driven services would be taking place in the country named Pakistan since 10 years or so.

Tickets to Marrakesh with British Airways

After the terrorist activity that took place in the Marriott hotel at Islamabad in the year of 2008, the British Airways discontinued to fly and operate its service to the country named Pakistan. This event caused the causality of around 50 people which was disastrous for the country. As the matter of the fact, this is the route that would be allowing the thrice flights in a week with the help of the operation of the 3 class Boeing 787 Dreamliner. According to the information revealed by the head of the sales of the British Airways, it has been mentioned that this development would be very helpful for us as British Pakistani society loves to visit the country Pakistan to meet their relatives or the near and dear ones.


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