5 Things to do in Khartoum, Sudan

We all seek 5 things to do in Khartoum, Sudan having the charm and fascination of providing fun and excitement to the passionate and adventurous travelers. The travel destination in the name of Khartoum, the city of Sudan is the best place for you to explore the things you must not have done in other parts of the global village. The visiting of this place would turn out to be the fantastic one for you as it possesses everything that you need during your traveling around the world.Travel Wide Flights deals with you cheapest flights to Sudan.

the Wrestling

Watch the Wrestling:
Along with the sight of the Sufi Dancing, you can also witness the local wrestling which has remained to be the best thing in Khartoum. It is certainly the significant part of the Sudanese culture that is the modest view of the culture of Sudan which is loved on the part of the locals. You can witness the matches taking place in every weekend that offers the high level of adventure.

Lunch at Ozone Café

Lunch at Ozone Café:
In an attempt to have the world class food and cuisine for the lunch, you can head towards the Ozone café which is one of the best cafes of the country named Sudan. It would be the great thing for you to take the delicious salad along with the fresh juice to get the much-needed energy. The structure of the garden seems to be the peaceful and relaxing for you offering the home type environment.

Check out the Jazz Café

Check out the Jazz Café:
It has been the mere live music platform in the city named Khartoum which is the best activity one can get himself engaged. It lies around the Riyhad city which is the place where hipster youth segment of the population move around for the purpose of seeking fun. It would help you to get the sight of the modern culture of this city of Sudan. The live music taking place every night cheered the huge range of crowd of young people.

National museum

National museum:
It has been amongst the list of top priority for those who want to explore the historical and cultural aspect of the Sudanese country. There is the exhibition of the stone tomb statues along with the wide range artifacts and artistic material that are 2000 years old. According to the many history lovers, this museum has been the surprising thing and full of enthusiastic things.

Walk over the Nile

Walk over the Nile:
The city of Khartoum lies around the place where the Blue Nile of Ethiopia and While Nile of Uganda intersects. As the matter of the fact, it would be massive adventure to roam and walk around the longest river of the global village along with the strolling alongside of the fantastic bridges. You need to keep one thing in your mind that you would not be allowed to take the pictures around the bridge as it is highly and strictly banned to do so by the higher authorities.


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