Top 3 Places in Qatar

Qatar is certainly the fun filled country which offers something of great value and adventure for the people who seek to unearth and see the natural wonders of the world. The top 3 places in Qatar are mentioned below in the blog that would be the perfect deal of adventure and fun for you if you want to undertake the great journey in the upcoming winter vacations. According to the people who live in different countries of the global village tend to believe that the visiting and touring the country named Qatar would turn out to be the unforgettable tour of the life for the one who really want to go there. Qatar would go on to offer you something that has capacity to reflect the Arabic culture and tradition. This is the place that would help you explore the national parks and other parks that are filled with the wide range of greenery and lawn which can help you being surrounded by the natural beauty. You would become astonished to witness the lovely and fantastic people in your surroundings.

Aspire Park in Doha:
It has to be the most popular parks especially for the inhabitants and the foreigners that would allow you to have the ideal spot needed to have the peaceful environment. You can have fun with your family or near and dear ones with the total area of the park have to be around 88 hectares. This is the park which gives you an opportunity to explore the one and mere lake of the country of Qatar. Not only this, you would be able to grab the sight of the wide range of the trees and plantation. Travel Wide Flights is offering cheap flights to Doha, Qatar from UK.

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The Pearl- Qatar:
It has to be the unmatchable islands that are the quintessential part of the city named Doha, a capital city of the country named Qatar. The huge number of the foreigners loves to be surrounded by this island and get a residence there. As the matter of the fact, there are around 12000 residents that are established in the area. The park of this beach and spa would be the ideal place for you which are the best travel destination for you. This island offers the restaurants that would be the ideal for you if you want to have the delicious cuisine.

Doha, Qatar, Tourism, Travel, Cheap flights

The national Museum of Qatar:
This museum has to be quite complex as far as its design is concerned. The white structure of this building would give you the sharp edges that may appear impossible to you. The design of this museum was initially copied by the thing called as the desert rose. The architect was of the view that the desert rose reflects the continuation of the time that never ends that made them compel to use it as the design of the National museum of the country named Qatar. Travel Wide Flights is offering cheap flights to Qatar from UK.

Doha, Qatar, Tourism, Travel, Cheap flights


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