TAP Air Portugal announces Stopover Brazil programme

As the matter of the fact, the TAP air Portugal announces stopover Brazil programme with the aim of attaining of the well-devised strategic goal of the airline company operating in the different regions of the global village. This is the programme that has been disclosed with the help of the event named to be the Lisbon Tourism Fair (BTL). This move and step taken by the airline is to be able to promote the passengers who belong to the European countries to select the country of the Brazil as the ultimate traveling spot. Further, it has been mentioned that it would go on to encourage such travelers and clients to explore the 2 spots of the country named to be the Brazil with the help of the single trip without having to pay the more charges or the fare costs. The move has been taken to celebrate the 74th anniversary of the TAP in the best possible manner.

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As the matter of the fact, the unique and unmatchable programme would highly likely to have the much-needed potential to increase the number of the passengers to the greater extent. According to the sources of the company, it has been unveiled that this recently made development will be depended on the proper and effective implementation of the marketing it has to do in order to attract the potential clients, customers and the passengers who may belong to the different parts of the global village. When pushed for the more information regarding the programme, the sources mentioned that the stopover client and the passengers would be capable of staying from 1 to 5 nights in the destination named to be the Brasilia, Salvador and the most significantly, the Recife. The client-friendly offers are accessible for the stopover cities.


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