Flights Affected By Storm Ali

According to the recent news that brokered in the international newspaper, it has been said that the Storm Ali was the factor responsible for the delaying of the number of flights. Around 80 flights have been cancelled in the Dublin airport a couple of days ago.
As per the environmental experts, the winds of storm Ali were estimated to be at 147km/h when it hit the country. Owing to this, the air travel witnessed the high level of disturbance in the entire day. It was confirmed by the relevant airplane authorities, more than 80 flights were cancelled in the Dublin Airport campus. This is the reason which led to the intense level of frustration and anxiety along with the inconvenience on the part of the passengers who are reportedly in thousands.
Although the Storm Ali went away, the Ireland has been witnessing the wet sort of the weather and climatic conditions that was originated from the southern part of the country with the named being echoed in the form of Storm Bronagh.

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According to the statement issued by the airplane authorities, it was emphasized that the clients and passengers should keep checking the status of their respective flights prior to the process of the departure from the airport to reach the prescribed travel destination. To add, it was said that if the passengers get to know that their flight has been cancelled, they would be given the choice to chosen in the flight which take place in the later hours or days. If they choose not to accept any particular flight in place of the delayed or cancelled one, they can also go for the applying for the refund of the amount they have earlier paid.


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