Air New Zealand to buy Boeing 787-10 jets worth $2.7bn

The Air New Zealand to buy Boeing 787-10 jets worth $2.7bn which would be able to offer the much-needed boost to the carrier to expand its operational capacity as well as the achieving the strategic aims and goals of the company in the best possible manner. This development will be done with the help of the replacing together with the upgrading of the long-haul fleet of the company. According to the information shared on the part company, it has been mentioned to be the fact that the airline has the capacity to purchase more 12 aircraft in the shape of the 787-10. The best part remains to be seen that the firm has been able to make the negotiations related to the substantial discount linked with the sticker price of something called as the Dreamliners. As the matter of the fact, the increase in the fuel costs would highly likely to reduce the margins of the profits along with the airline is seeking out to increase the size of its network prevailed in the different parts of the global village.
Air New Zealand to buy Boeing 787-10 jets,TravelWideFlights
According to the aims shared on the part of the CEO of the Auckland based carrier, it was said that the company is seeking out to fly directly from the destination of the Auckland, the largest city of the country in the shape of the New Zealand to the ultimate adventurous spot of the New York in the best possible manner. This aim would be achieved within next couple of years that would turn out to be the great achievement for the company. The company ought to keep the well-maintain balance between the many different things that may include the cargo, the tourists and the fuel for the purpose of grabbing the attention of the highly valued travelers.

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