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Located in the West African region, the nation of Guinea is one of Africa's most astounding coastal destinations offering a list of tourist attractions ranging from exotic white-sand beaches to inspirational and ancient museums. The country has a long coastline with the Atlantic Ocean in the west and encompasses a list of beautiful cities providing the visitors with an excellent travel experience. In the Southeastern region, the country is home to exceptional Mount Nimba Strict Nature Reserve. The reserve is amongst the largest ones in the region famous for protecting an entire forested mountain range featuring a list native animals and plants including the renowned viviparous toad and chimpanzees.

The capital of Guinea is the city of Conakry, a coastal city home to theexceptional Grand Mosque. Regional artifacts are quite prominently showcased in the museums of the city and are the prime cause of attracting a large number tourists. The museums of the country include the Sandervalia National Museum and the inspirational National Museum of Guinea. For the purpose of hiking and bathing underneath the waterfalls of the country, the Fouta Djallon is the best place to visit. The sight is an excellent hiking destination home to beautiful waterfalls.

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