Colombia’s Flamboyant Rainbow River

The state of Colombia is located in the continent of South America and is known to be an exceptional tourist destination home to a range of diverse and eclectic attractions known for their amazing colorfulness and attractive nature. Today, we bring you Colombia’s most colorful attraction known to lure in a mammoth number of tourist from all over the world. The destinations, basically a popular river but it is not any river. The river is known as the country’s Rainbow River providing the tourists with some of the most amazing and exceptional scenes with its rainbow structures and flamboyancy. Our team from TravelWideFlights has personally visited the place and we are giving you an insight into its features and origin.

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1. The CañoCristales River

The Rainbow river is officially known as the CañoCristales River of Colombia and is known to be the most beautiful river in the entire globe. Named as the ‘liquid rainbow,’ the remarkable waters are turned into a mixture and a medlry of color. This is all due to the freshwater plants known as clavigera, endemic, and macarenia to the Sierra de la Macarena which is known to be prominent and famous mountain range situated south of the capital Bogota. A massive number of Tourists flock to witness the display of glamourous colors in the river. Moreover, the crystal-clear watersof the river are known to exhibit the wildlife under the surface as well as the beautiful plants.

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Green, blue, black, red and yellow are all very visible during the season and locals say that it is the best time to see the plants at their brightest, just after a storm, when the colors appear at their most vivid. During the short time between the wet and dry season, July to November, along with moss, aquatic plants and corals, the red plants cling to rocks throughout the 62-mile long river, and help create a fusion of colors just under the surface of the water. The geological formation of the river is rich with sediment, and the rocks are some 1.2 billion years old. This, combined with the different-colored plantation helps create the prism of color. But for half the year, the river is much like any other; the bed of rocks creating a shimmering grey color, with the odd splashes of green moss along the way.

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